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EaseFemin - NaturaNectar EaseFemin - Menopausal Support - 30 Capsules
EaseFemin - NaturaNectar

EaseFemin - Menopausal Support - 30 Capsules

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Brand: NaturaNectar
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Product Description

Health Benefits of EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support

EaseFemin™ from NaturaNectar is an all natural supplement that helps women reduce the uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms of menopause. 

  • This is the only women's supplement containing Isofactor, an extract of the red propolis plant.
  • This tropical plant extract reduces hot flashes and excessive sweating.
  • Isofactor also provides a mild calming effect, resulting in less irritability and decreased mood swings. This supplement contains a proprietary herbal blend of chamomile, passionflower and valerian root to soothe frazzled nerves.
  • EaseFemin™ Menopausal Relief - 30 Capsules is a great source of antioxidants to prevent the body's cells from being aged by damaging free radicals.
  • This supplement contains vitamin D and calcium to combat the loss of bone strength that many women experience during menopause. Each capsule contains 100 mg of soy isoflavones for even more of a bone-strengthening boost.
  • NaturaNectar recommends taking one capsule of EaseFemin™ per day.

This supplement was developed not only to treat the symptoms of menopause, but to make women feel younger overall. These capsules do not contain any gluten or dairy ingredients, nor do they contain any unnatural preservatives or additives. There is no sugar, salt, artificial sweetener or any other kind of flavoring in this formula. 

Menopausal Relief

Almost 100% of the isoflavone blends in this supplement are able to be absorbed by the body, making this formula one of the most effective on the market. This is especially important when it comes to calcium, as many other supplements are formulated in such a way that the calcium passes through the system instead of being absorbed by the bones. Bone brittleness is one of the more serious effects of menopause; it is a result of the hormonal changes that occur within the body. When this happens, women become unable to sustain their prior activity levels. They find themselves being seriously injured by small slips and falls that didn't warrant a second thought before.

This formula derives its isoflavones from soy. Natural isoflavones are more readily absorbed by the body than synthetic ones are. Soy also has the benefit of promoting the presence of and interacting well with estrogen. However, this means that women who take this supplement need to be aware of their dietary limitations. The antioxidants in these capsules have been shown to reduce up to 64% of free radical damage to the reproductive system, preventing further hormone loss and keeping the symptoms of menopause from becoming more extreme.


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