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Douglas Labs, DIM Enhanced 30 vcaps DIM Enhanced 30 vcaps by Douglas Labs DIM Enhanced 30 vcaps by Douglas Labs
Douglas Labs, DIM Enhanced 30 vcaps

DIM Enhanced 30 vcaps by Douglas Labs

Product Code: DL03419
Brand: Douglas Labs
Stock Note: Discontinued
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Product Description

Benefits of DIM Enhanced 30 vcaps

Diindolylmethane is a natural chemical that may provide a range of health benefits for most users. This chemical can be found in a few cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. Douglas Labs has produced DIM Enhanced with key ingredients such as wasabia, green tea extract, and curcumin. Research has strongly suggested that these potent components may provide the following benefits

  • Can potentially regulate a healthy woman’s estrogen levels
  • May promote a proper estrogen metabolism
  • Can improve defensive immune system functions
  • DIM Enhanced from Douglas Labs can support appropriate detox processes and successful antioxidant protection.

Douglas Labs has provided users with a potentially effective microencapsulated diindolylmethane in each DIM Enhanced supplement, which may improve absorbability in the body. Although Diindolylmethane is not an absolutely essential nutrient, routine consumption of DIM Enhanced may potentially promote great overall health and wellbeing.

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