L-Glutamine Powder 500g by Nutri-Dyn

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L-Glutamine Powder by Nutri-Dyn provides an accessible source of L-glutamine. This amino acid is essential for everything from digestion to muscle maintenance and growth to immune system maintenance.

This amino acid is utilized throughout the entire body and the brain. It helps the body utilize and form chains of fatty acids, protects muscle cells, and enables the brain to create neurotransmitters and other chemicals essential to health brain function. Regularly taking L-Glutamine Powder by Nutri-Dyn can benefit the body by:

  • Aiding the body when recovering form endurance exercises.
  • Enabling new cells to form in the brain and body.
  • Encouraging the body to better regulate blood sugar.
  • Facilitating healthy muscle function and development.
  • Helping to regulate the immune system.
  • Protecting the digestive tract.
  • Supporting the healthy digestion within the body.

Due to its form, L-Glutamine Powder by Nutri-Dyn can be dissolved easily in water or other items. Your healthcare provider can best instruct you on how to utilize this nutritional supplement, which in turn will best ensure that it can be absorbed by your body.

Heat Sensitive Product
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500 g (powder)