InterFase Plus 120 vcaps by Klaire Labs

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InterFase Plus by Klaire Labs offers a specially formulated and unique formulation of enzymes with the addition of EDTA ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid to help promote a healthier system. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is a certain type of acid which can easily bind the metals that are required for the formation of biofilm. Biofilm features a group of microorganisms that are enveloped within a self-produced exoproteins and exopolysaccharides matrix which strongly adheres to different interfaces while also resisting dislodgement. The microorganisms that are within the biofilm are highly resilient against antimicrobials such as bacteriocins produced by probiotics and antibiotics.

InterFase Plus is formulated to disrupt the biofilm matrix that embeds potentially harmful gastrointestinal pathogens and can help in promoting a healthier intestinal system. The enzymes within InterFase Plus are specially selected for their ability disintegrate the extracellular polymers that are usually found in the biofilm, and are designed to help in degrading yeast and bacterial cell wall structures.

InterFase Plus formula was manufactured by the use of vitro testing of the activity of antibiofilm and was found with significantly high antibiofilm activity, which helps in providing the degradation of biofilm pathogenic bacteria and yeast communities for a healthier system. Designed to be used in combination with efforts that help to support microflora and gastrointestinal functions, this digestive enzyme supplement is ideal for combining with multispecies high-potency broad probiotic formulas and prebiotics for healthy formation of intestinal microbial biofilm communities. This enzyme supplement is designed to be combined with antimicrobial agents, and allows for proper gastrointestinal functions.

Each capsule of InterFase Plus contains a combination of propriety enzymes which includes Glucoamylase, Cellulase, Chitosanase, Beta-Glucanase, Hemicellulase/Pectinase Complex, Protease and Peptidase Complex with DPP-IV activity, exopeptidase, and endopeptidase, as well as Serratia peptidase, Lysozyme, and EDTA.

Recommended to be taken between 2 to 8 capsules a day, this digestive enzyme supplement provides an easy to swallow and pull a part capsule design that allows for anyone to take the nutrients separately if required. This digestive enzyme supplement is designed as a complete blend and is suitable for sensitive stomachs without the inclusion of preservatives, colors, or flavors, and without common allergens which include tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, gluten, soybeans, yeast, corn milk, and casein. These enzyme supplements are also suitable for vegetarians with the included ingredients of water, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cellulose, and L-leucine. Klaire Labs Interfase Plus contains egg whites and therefore should not be taken by a person who has an egg white allergy unless first consulting their health care professional.

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