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Medterra, CBD 1000 mg Tincture MCT Oil Medterra, CBD 1000 mg Tincture MCT Oil Instructions
Medterra, CBD 1000 mg Tincture MCT Oil

CBD 1000 mg Tincture MCT Oil by Medterra

Product Code: MED00003
Brand: Medterra
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Product Description

CBD Tincture MCT Oil by Medterra is a dietary supplement in liquid form that addresses a variety of health issues, including chronic pain and discomfort, mild depression and mood instability, and problems such as high blood pressure and anxiety. Medterra creates its CBD Tincture MCT Oil from 99% pure CBD and organic MCT Oil from US grown hemp. Unlike traditional marijuana products, this oil is non-psychotropic so that the user receives a number of health benefits without the risk of feeling high, stoned or out of control. This supplement has no taste and can be taken either morning or night. Many individuals have found that taking this tincture as directed offers them a non-addictive way to relieve pain and discomfort from such problems as arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions that cause chronic pain.

Individuals who take CBD Tincture MCT Oil from Medterra as directed can expect to experience several important health benefits:

  • Supports relief from chronic pain and discomfort without side effects or the risks of addiction.
  • Aids in promoting relaxation that reduces muscle tension and leads to a more restful sleep.
  • Helps promote a positive mood and relief from symptoms of depression, nervous tension and anxiety.

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