ProtoFocus: Natural Learning, Focus & Brain Function Enhancement

ProtoFocus: Natural Learning, Focus & Brain Function Enhancement

Everyone would like to be able to feel mentally sharp and focused but it doesn’t always feel possible in today’s fast paced, stress filled world. Often, there are so many things going on at once it’s hard to keep up. When you combine that with other factors such as a poor diet, your brain may be left feeling foggy and you may feel you aren’t living up to what you could be doing at work or at home.

Good news! Protocol For Life Balance has created a new product called ProtoFocus and it’s designed to positively affect cognition and brain function. ProtoFocus contains a trademarked substance called Cera-Q that is derived from the protein in a silkworm cocoon. Its unique molecular structure allows it to combine with the proteins naturally found in the brain in such a way that it has a positive impact on your brain’s function. Cera-Q is supported by 9 published human clinical trials and in vitro data showing significant results in 3-4 week trials for people of all ages. When taking 400mg of Cera-Q a day (the main ingredient in ProtoFocus) for 21 days adults (ages 19-64) had enhanced their learning ability by an average of 27% and memory & brain function by 25%. High school students under the same conditions saw an average increase in learning skills by 14% and memory &  concentration by 13%. View clinical study results here.

ProtoFocus by Protocol For Life Balance can not only support your memory and focus but it comes in a delicious chocolate chewable tablet that’s easy to take for children and adults alike. It’s an easy and tasty way to improve your cognition and brain function!

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