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Tonicsea, B12 Methyl Pro 60 tablets B12 Methyl Pro 60 tablets by Tonicsea B12 Methyl Pro 60 tablets by Tonicsea
Tonicsea, B12 Methyl Pro 60 tablets

B12 Methyl Pro 60 tablets by Tonicsea

Product Code: ND00130
Brand: Tonicsea
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Product Description

B12 Methyl  Pro by Tonicsea contains 5000 mcg of a highly bioavailable form of vitamin B12 called Methylcobalamin . Methylcobalamin, the most common form of vitamin B12, is crucial to many processes in the body and involved in nearly all cellular metabolic reactions. It is necessary for energy production, maintaining healthy DNA and the proper formation of neurotransmitters.  The B12 in Tonicsea’s B12 Methyl Pro is naturally occurring and made into a tasty, cherry flavored, chewable, quick dissolving tablet. The chewable tablet allows the B12 to be delivered through the mucus membranes which eliminates the need for intrinsic factor for assimilation.

The benefits of supplementing with B12 Methyl Pro may include:

  • Increasing energy production
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Maintain and support healthy DNA
  • Help maintaining a healthy mood
  • Support cognitive function 

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