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5-MTHF Activated 30 vcaps by BioGenesis 5-MTHF Activated 30 vcaps by BioGenesis
5-MTHF Activated 30 vcaps by BioGenesis

5-MTHF Activated 30 vcaps by BioGenesis

Product Code: BIOG01122
Brand: BioGenesis
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Product Description

5-MTHF Activated 30 vcaps

5-MTHF Activated is a supplement from Biogenesis that helps regulate homocysteine and also supports mood and DNA formation. If the body does not have a sufficient amount of 5-MTHF, there is a chance that homocysteine can build up in the blood vessels. This will have a direct effect on cardiovascular health. There are a wide variety of benefits of using 5-MTHF by Biogenesis. These benefits include:

  • Promote better cardiovascular health
  • Decrease levels of depression
  • Reduce the risk of issues such as stroke and thrombosis 
  • Boosts peripheral blood flow in arteries by increasing nitric oxide production

5-MTHF Activated by Biogenesis is a supplement that plays a significant role in supporting moods and DNA formation. It is also an important supplement because it promotes better cardiovascular health. By using 5-MTHF Activated, you also reduce your chances of experiencing a variety of disorders of the cardiovascular system.

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